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Our team

First rate tech leaders

First rate tech leaders

We recruit the most talented software engineers and testers in the area. Our engineering team has experts in Microservice development, complex systems architecture, DevOps and Agile ways of working. They pride themselves on the rapid turnaround of features using continuous delivery, and will be using these skills to deliver value for your customers.

Tailored implementation

Tailored implementation

We work with you to design and deliver the right implementation for your business and customers.  Our engineering experts will work alongside your in house teams from start to finish  to understand your needs and deliver quickly and efficiently.

Accessible teams

Accessible teams

We believe in working together. That’s why we offer you access to the smartest software and our teams of expert engineers who can advise and direct you from planning to delivery.

Take a look at our Wealth Wizards Engineering blog, where the team showcase the exciting technological advances they are making right here in the Leamington office and our public APIs.

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Our award winning advice apps

Simple, effective and intuitive for customers

Pension Wizard

Instant personalised advice on your pension

Retirement Wizard

Options and advice for those approaching retirement

Other Wizards

Includes protection, debt, mortgages and more


Award winning technology and innovation

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Want to find out how Wealth Wizards technology can work for your business? Fill in the form below and one of our experts will be in touch. Alternatively you can contact us by calling 0113 280 6426.

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