February 20, 2017

Finovate Europe 2017: The top five trends the conference predicted for 2017

We are the UK's first fully-regulated online adviser scaling up automated financial advice across the industry.

Wealth Wizards have been mentioned in an article on BobsGuide.com. The article “The top five trends the conference predicted for 2017” is a part of an overall review of Finovate Europe, a prestigious FinTech event we demoed our latest version of Pension Wizard at earlier this month. “Wealth Wizards focuses its products on financial advice services, trying to fill gap between consumers who are all too often completely unaware of their investing options, and current financial advice services that are expensive or clogged by jargon. At Finovate Europe 2017 Wealth Wizards presented its Pension Wizard product, which employers can provide to their employees to give them a better perspective on how they should be preparing for later life and managing their pensions." Read the full article here.


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